Doomoolmori services
We provide data-driven and time proven financial advises in order to help clients succeed in their life plans
Fund selection & portfolio management service

A Robo-advisor aiming for the safest 8% target return investment scheme
- We select where to invest for you
- We select when to buy and sell for you
- We filter the most reasonable universe of funds

If you have not been as successful in investing as you have wished, it is probably because you had little time to invest. Our work and family demand a lot of time and concentration.

If you had more time and energy for studying and analyzing the market, maybe the result would have been different. Because of the immense impact money has on our lives, perhaps you do have some regrets. We understand that completely.

Through our Boolio service, we wish to help you find the adequate investment tools you always hoped for. Nine out of ten users of Boolio are highly satisfied with our service, and among them, three tell us that Boolio has changed their view of their future. We are a group of former traders and AI scientists trying to provide a revolutionary financial product just for you.

ELS Research

ELS Research - a prediction and analysis tool beloved by ELS investors
- Analysis of ELS
- Evaluation of ELS
- Portfolio management of ELS

The ELS (Equity Linked Securities) market in Korea has enjoyed a rapid growth to over $100 billion in a very short period of time. The sales of ELS products soared, while no service really evaluated the structures and pricings of these products. Many investors have lost money due to lack of understanding of these products, and the government has tried to intervene the market, without much extensive analysis. Like everything else, ELS may or may not be beneficial in itself. It could surely benefit a lot of people if used with the right intent.

We have solved this issue by providing a website that analyzes the hundreds of ELS that are selling any given day. We provide filtering and sorting solutions by first deeply understanding and calculating the diverse probabilistic structures.

Structuring the future profit and loss probabilities is an extremely efficient way of minimizing risk. It is as powerful as diversification, and we would like to encourage further growth of a healty ELS market in Korea. We achieve that goal by providing transparent 3rd party analysis for all participants of the market.

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