We aim to converge finance and IT in order to find creative solutions
Financial expertise - former trader, CFA
Development expertise - engineers with diverse experience
Team Members

Yung Nok Chun


Julius worked as a prop trader for some of the largest prop desks in Korea, including Kiwoom Securities and KTB investment & Securities. He is striving to find the right balance of finance and future technology in order to find a greater industry unimagined before.

Jisoo Park


Jisoo worked for startups as a developer and patent lawyer. He is an evangelist for Scala, and also a jazz bassist. He loves solving enormously complicated problems.

Seung Kyu Lee


Seung Kyu has tried to solve financial problems with a statistical approach. He has built algorithms based on hundreds of academic papers with massive financial data. He now leads the operations of the company.

Ye Young Kim

Data Scientist

Ye Young is interested in clustering and designing algorithms. She tries to approach financial data with a different perspective. She has a masters degree in statistics.

Churl Kim


Churl has worked for Shinhan Bank before joining Doomoolmori. He likes dynamic business opportunities and the high growth potential of a startup life. He holds Certified Investment Manager License, and writes a lot of the Boolio weekly newsletters.

Min Woo Hong

IT Coordinator

Min Woo majored global business and has an interest in both finance and IT industry. He believes in living an exciting work life.

Byeong Joon Lee


Byeong Joon worked for LG Chemicals before he joined Doomoolmori. He fell in love with Boolio as a customer first, and then joined the firm to help aid for online marketing. He was also a very active stock investor.

Shin Ae Yu


Shin Ae is a designer, but majored in economics. She loves UX and UI designs, and is also interested in front-end coding and graph designs.

Du Hyeok Ko


Du Hyeok is a software engineer having experience in mobile ad platform and banking app. His experience includes mobile application, web front-end, and DB. He is interested in effectively communicating complicated strategies to general users using technology.

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